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Pricing, made simple.

Pick the right service and pricing for you.
No subscriptions, no long term commitments.

At TextRanch we provide advanced and professional English editing service for the fair price. Let our experts correct your texts and stop wasting money on services that you do not need!

Fast Checkout

The best option for one-time userss
$ 9 /1000 words
  • Pay just for what you need
  • Advanced editing service
  • Comments from your editor

Pre Paid

For regular users
$ 7 /1000 words
  • Small and Large packages available
  • Advanced editing service
  • Comments from your editor
  • Chat with your editor
  • Premium support service


For long documents and papers
$ 8 /1000 words
  • Select your preferred turnaround time
  • Price starts from 8USD/1000 words
  • Dedicated editor for your document
  • Include comments, notes, information for your editor
  • .docx files and Google Docs files supported


What are the differences between Fast Checkout and Pre Paid?

Fast Checkout: it is the best option for our users that do not use TextRanch on a regular basis: you pay just for your single text to correct. It’s a “pay as you go” option.

Pre paid: it is by far the best deal for regular users. You can purchase a package of credits to be used on TextRanch whenever you need them. Credits never expire and they will be automatically deducted when you submit a new text to correct. Note that purchasing a credit package is cheaper than using the Fast Checkout option.

In addition, we offer a Document editing service. This is the ideal option if you have an article, a document, a book or a long text to correct. You can submit it to our editors along with comments, notes and annotations: one of our editors will take care of the corrections and editing in a professional way. The price in this case depends on the length of the document and on the required turnaround time.

When will I be charged?

  • If you use our Fast Checkout option, you will pay each time you submit text.
  • A purchase of one of our credit packages will result in a one-time charge. If you run out of credits, you can simply recharge your account by buying another credit package. Credits never expire!
  • If you submit a document, you will have the option to pick your favorite processing time and pay accordingly.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all credit cards and PayPal. A receipt is provided for every purchase you make.

If you have problems with the payment please contact us (WE NEED A CONTACT FORM!)

How secure is my data?
We’ve used the best tools and engineering practices available to build and maintain TextRanch, and you can rest assured that we’ve implemented multiple levels of security to protect and back up your data. All credit card transactions are processed using bank-level, PCI-compliant SSL encryption. You credit card data is always encrypted.

Is there a discount for nonprofits?
Yes there is! If your company is a nonprofit, we offer a 10% discount. Please contact us (LINK!!!) to find out more.

How can I save the most with credits?
Every TextRanch credit package is a great value, but the bigger the package, the more you save. For the biggest savings try our Power Packages.

What is a TextRanch credit?
TextRanch credits are prepaid tokens you can use to pay for your revisions. Each credit is worth 100 characters, meaning that a text composed of 400 characters will require 4 credits to be corrected by our editors. Note that a text of 301 characters will still require 4 credits, while a text of 300 characters will require 3 credits.
TextRanch credits never expire, so any unused credits will remain in your account until you’re ready to use them.

What is the daily FREE credit?
Every customer with a registered TextRanch account* is entitled to a FREE credit every day. The FREE credit will refresh 24 hours after it was last used, and it will remain in your account until you are ready to use it again. The FREE credits do not accumulate.
*Please note that to be able to offer this feature, each person is limited to one TextRanch account, and the FREE credit is limited to one per household each day.

Why should I buy TextRanch credits?
If you need to submit longer pieces of text, or if you need to submit text more frequently than once per day, then the most cost effective way to pay for your revisions is by using our credit packages. Every package offers deep savings over paying individually for each revision.

In addition, if you have long documents, the best option is to submit the documents to our editors through this page (LINK)

Can I use TextRanch credits for the Document Service?
No. At this time, only credit cards or PayPal are accepted as payment methods for our Document Service.